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Rebekah-Kleinman-dot-com.jpgI am an industry professional with more than 20 years of experience in commercial real estate, as a both a corporate client and a landlord. Having been through countless negotiations, I am a confident representative of my clients' interests - armed with full knowledge of what the goals and objectives are on the other side of the table. 

This allows for collaborative, cooperative negotiations where each party comes to the table with the highest integrity, and a clear understanding of how the deal can work for the other party. Such negotiations lead to trust and respect, and often form the basis for long term partnerships. 

In residential real estate, the goals may be slightly different, as home is where the heart is and the buying or selling decision may be more emotional than just plain business. I love helping people find their dream home, and guiding them through the process of acquiring the financing, negotiating the deal, and securing the purchase - with as little stress on their end as possible. 

With the right agent, none of it need be stressful! Happy clients are my specialty, whether you are the buyer or the seller. 

Count on me for expert service for all your real estate needs.

~ Rebekah Kleinman

Q & A with Rebekah

Whats the secret sauce behind my real estate track record?


I spent more than two decades as a corporate real estate director, representing an employer with leasing agents, property managers, and landlords. I have also been a landlord. Today, I get to use that experience at the negotiating table, because I understand all the concerns on both sides of the table. That lets me present my clients goals in the best possible light and makes for productive negotiations, getting both parties to a quick and well-informed yes.

What other value do I bring to the job?

Honestly, Ive been through the process so many times that, although each transaction is different, I really do know what to expect! This lets me manage clients expectations, even as I do the heavy lifting for them - tracking the million and one details and deadlines involved in a real estate transaction - so they dont have to! I am able to take the stress off clients, helping with inspection and repair appointments. Though I sell primarily in the residential market, I have the background to also manage commercial transactions for my residential clients.

Where do I live?

I live in Gaithersburg, Maryland, with my husband of 23 years.

Whats my favorite restaurant?

We love to cook and grill, so we rarely eat out. But when we do, local spots like Coastal Flats or Founding Farmers in Rockville are our go-to restaurants. They both offer healthy, fresh entrees and excellent service, and their chefs do a marvelous job.

Something most people dont know about me?

I am happiest when I am busy. When I am not working with clients directly, I am doing prep work behind the scenes. When I am not showing houses on the weekends, I escape to my home in Gaithersburg or to our weekend retreat with my husband to work on home renovations and gardening (playing in the dirt). This is what recharges my batteries.

Rebekah Kleinman
Rebekah Kleinman
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