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5 Steps to Buying Your New Home

Step One:  Choose an Agent

Experienced real estate agents are experts at guiding you through the home buying process, saving you time and money. Rebekah Kleinman has the experience, the tools, and the desire to make your home search a success, and she loves helping people like you find new homes! 

Step Two:  Get Approved

Rebekah guides you step-by-step through the loan process, helping you determine your borrowing needs and choose the right mortgage lender.  Identifying your target price range starts the home search process in the right direction! Check out our mortgage calculator to see how much home you can afford.

Step Three:  Choose Your New Home and Make an Offer

The most exciting and most crucial step of the process is finding the perfect property and negotiating the right price. Rebekah is devoted to helping you find a property that meets your requirements. From searches on the multi-list data base to touring homes, you'll want the advice of someone familiar with what to look for and what to watch out for.  And once you find the perfect fit, you'll want an agent who can expertly negotiate your price. Rebekah will get the absolute best price and close the deal.  

Making an offer is a critical moment. Your contract offer can be done online at your convenience, on a safe and secure connection.

Step Four:  Inspections, Appraisals and Title Work

Rebekah is an expert at appraising the value of properties in Central Maryland. However, she orders appraisals when necessary. To verify that your new home is as good as it looks, she will recommend the right inspections.  If any repairs are required, she will negotiate with the seller on your behalf. Once you're happy with all inspections and negotiations, she will work with your title company to ensure that the chain of ownership has been properly established and your new home can be delivered with a clear title. 

Step Five:  Settlement and Moving Day!

Settlement is when the property is signed over to you, the new owner. Rebekah will make sure you understand the complete transaction and verify that all charges are exactly as you had expected.  

Now the real fun begins! Moving day!  We love celebrating home victories with our clients and new friends!

Call Rebekah today, and let’s get started finding your perfect home.

Rebekah Kleinman
Rebekah Kleinman
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