Estate Sales


The most common reason for a real estate - estate sale is the death of the property owner. The survivors may want a quick liquidation of the deceased's property for any number of reasons:

  • They have no interest in the real estate, other than the proceeds of sale.
  • They live out of town
  • They cannot agree on the disposition of the real estate, and the courts have ordered the property sold and the proceeds distributed
  • The will of the deceased mandated a sale of the real estate

An estate may also be liquidated because the property owner is moving into an assisted living facility, retirement community, a rest home, or in with a family member.  Or in some circumstances, a real estate – estate sale may also occur due to divorce, foreclosure, or relocation.

Sachs Realty has relationships with estate attorneys and other real estate professionals who constantly keep our agents informed of cash sale opportunities for quick settlements on real estate – estate sales.  

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Rebekah Kleinman
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